AZRAEL (Chapter 3)   Tasked with creating a film to accompany the reading of a section of a poem archive film was used to paint a picture of fear and paranoia between the large and minute scale.
MUSIC IN ME   Using my appearance as a site of assumed otherness I attempt to embody without words the emotions of the traditional music of Portugal, Ireland and England.
THE CALL   Using looped home movie footage, a brief clip where the all female subjects are jovially requesting our attention. The repetition and natural rhythm of the sounds suggest a transformation into a ritual or prayer.
SECRETS & LIES   Interactive sculptural installation at St Pancras Crypt. Smoke machine + vacuum cleaner.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
MEMORIES OF A SPACE   Work done a while back where subjects were asked to recall the memory of a space. Themes of memory, specifically that of environments were of interest and each subject wove very different stories around their spaces.
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